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Privacy Policy

Last updated: 19th July 2022

1. Identity and contact details of the person in charge of data processing

The website https://www.stellajeremy.com/ (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) is operated by DigiXpert SA (hereinafter referred to as 'DigiXpert ' or 'we'), whose head office is located at Voie du Chariot 3, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland.

DigiXpert is in charge of processing your personal data gathered by way of this Website (hereinafter referred to as “Data”).

For any questions related to the gathering and processing of your Data by DigiXpert, you can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at the following address: [email protected].

2. Information on the processing of your Data

2.1. Data collected

The personal data that we gather and process in relation to you via our Website are as follows:

  • Information in relation to your device, such as its IP address, cookie IDs, pages of the Website browsed using your device, and the time at which your device accessed our Website.
  • The personal data we collect is gathered through the forms (Registration Form for the Website, Order Form) and using the interactions between you and our Website: Surname, First name, Address, Postcode, email address, telephone number/ fax, Gender/ Sex, Age/Date of birth.

2.2. Purpose

We use the data collected in this way for the following purposes:

  • Tracking your order
  • Promotional offers/ information
  • Statistics
  • Contact
  • Administration of the Website (presentation, organisation, security)

2.3. Legal basis

The processing of your Data for the purpose of meeting your requests for information is carried out on the basis of your consent.

The processing of your Data in the context of managing the commercial relationship is based on the contract signed.

The processing for the purposes of following trends, marketing and advertising, and canvassing is based on our legitimate interests in developing our business activity.

We base the processing we carry out for operational and security purposes in relation to the Website and with the aim of improving the Website in light of our legitimate interest in ensuring the security of the platforms we manage.

2.4. Storage period

We store your Data for:

  • 5 years from the last contact we have had with you (e.g. a request for information on your part) if you are not a client; or
  • 5 years from the end of our commercial relationship if you are a client of ours.

At the end of the storage period set out above, we delete your Data. Before the end of this period, we may contact you again in order to find out if you agree to extending the storage period of your Data, in which case the durations indicated above will begin again.

3. Data recipients

In the context of providing our services, we may transfer or give access to your Data to our departments and subcontractors, as follows:

  • The department in charge of communication and marketing at DigiXpert, for the purposes of managing the Website;
  • Our subcontractor who provides Website administration and analyses traffic to the Website;
  • Our subcontractor, who provides the technical maintenance and updates for our Website;
  • Our subcontractor who hosts the Website;
  • Google, for statistical analysis solutions in relation to cookies (see their Privacy Policy).

DigiXpert may communicate your Data to third parties in cases where this is authorised and required by law or through a court ruling, or if this is necessary to protect and defend its rights.

Other than in these situations, your Data will not be given or made accessible to any third parties without your prior consent.

4. Your rights

You have the right to access Data which concerns you, the right to ask for it to be rectified, or deleted, and you have the right to portability, as well as the right to request the restriction of processing of your Data, to withdraw your consent and to define your wishes with regard to what happens to your Data after you die.

You also have the option to object, at any time:

  • To processing for canvassing purposes implemented by DigiXpert ;
  • For reasons to do with your personal situation, to processing based on the legitimate interests of DigiXpert.

You may exercise these rights at any time, by sending an email to: [email protected]

You also have the right to make a complaint to the supervisory authority for your country.

5. Cookies

Browsing on this Website results in the use of cookies.

5.1. What is a cookie ?

Cookies are small text files which are saved on your device, which bring together a certain amount of Data on your browsing (e.g., date, time and number of visits, traffic source, preferences).

5.1.1. Internal cookies and third-party cookies:

A third-party cookie is placed on your device by a server which is a different domain to that of the Website. These third parties install cookies when you are connected to pages or when you visit our Website. These cookies mean that behaviour over a network of websites can be tracked, analysing the history of visits for targeting purposes. DigiXpert does not have access to cookies other than the internal cookies which are directly managed by our Website.

5.1.2. Permanent cookies and session cookies:

Permanent cookies are stored on your terminal until their expiry date (maximum 6 months or until you delete them).

Session cookies are automatically suppressed once you leave your browser.

5.2. How to manage cookies?

5.2.1. Accept, refuse or configure cookies the first time you visit the website

The fact that cookies are placed on your terminal requires your consent to be given, or our legitimate interests in the case of strictly necessary cookies. Thus, as soon as you land on our Website, an information banner tells you that we use this technology, and that should you continue browsing, it means that you agree to cookies being placed on your terminal.

You can however configure them at any time by clicking on the following link: Configure the cookies using your browser.

The deletion of functional cookies, which are required to provide the content from DigiXpert, could prevent you from accessing some content on the Website.

DigiXpert accepts no liability for the consequences linked to the downgraded running of its Website as a result of not being able to save or to consult the cookies required for the running of the Website, if you refuse the use of these, or if you delete them.

5.2.2. Accepting, refusing or configuring cookies using your browser

You can set up your browser software in such a way that cookies will be saved on your terminal or, on the contrary, in such a way that they will be refused, either systematically, or depending on who is sending them. You can also set up your browsing software in such a way as to be offered the possibility to accept or refuse cookies, any time that a cookie may be saved on your device.

Managing cookies can differ depending on the set-up of each browser. For more details, please click on the links below.

Any configuration may modify your Internet browsing and your conditions of access to some services which require the use of cookies.

5.3. What type of cookies do we use?

5.3.1. Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies support the essential functions of the Website and its operation. They cannot be disabled in our systems. However, you may set up your browser to block them, or to be alerted about the use of these cookies. In that case, some parts of the Website may not work any longer.

The use of cookies by our Website is based on our legitimate interest, in order to ensure the security, the technical operation and accessibility of the Website and our different services.
The strictly necessary cookies used are:


General use Session cookies for platforms, used by sites written in JSP. Generally used to keep a user session anonymous by the server.

1 month

Cookie associated with website which use CloudFlare, used to speed up the loading time for pages. According to CloudFlare, it is used to override all security restrictions based on the IP address where the visitor is based. It does not contain any information on the identity of the user.


Ensures safe browsing for visitors by preventing the falsification of requests from other websites. This cookie is essential for the security of the Website and of the visitor.

6 months

An essential cookie, used by the Google reCAPTCHA service.

6 months

Used by Google services to remember the user’s preferences (language, ...)

5.3.2. Performance cookies

These cookies allow us to anonymously analyse traffic to the webpages (number of visits, visitor activity, frequency of return visits), how you browse our Website and the performance of the Website.

To that end, other (third-party) cookies may be placed on your device by Google. These cookies are governed by Google’s own Personal Data Protection Policy, which can be accessed by clicking on the following link: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=fr&gl=fr

If you refuse these cookies, we recommend that you refer to section 5.2.2 to set up your browser to that end. The performance cookies used are:

2 years

Associated with Google Universal Analytics. This cookie is used to differentiate between individual users, by attributing a number which is randomly generated as a client identity. It is included in each request for a page on a website, and is used to calculate visitor data, session data and campaign data for analytical reports on the website.

1 day

Associated with Google Universal Analytics. It stores and updates a unique value for each page visited.

5.3.3. Targeting cookies

These cookies allow us to suggest advertisements for you, according to your browsing on the site, or the management of our advertising campaigns.

These cookies may be enabled on our Website by our advertising partners, and thus help to create a profile of your interests. If you refuse these cookies, we refer you to section 5.2.2 in order to set up your browser to that end. The targeting cookies used are:

3 months

Used by Facebook in order to provide a series of product advertisements such as auctions in real time by third-parties.

3 months

Used by Google AdSense to see how effective publicity is on the Websites which use their services.

3 months

Contains a combination of unique identification numbers of the browser and the user, used for targeted advertising.

1 year

Allows your browser to be identified completely securely.

1 an

This cookie provides information on how the end user uses the Website and on any advertising that the end user may have seen before visiting said Website.

5 minutes

This cookie determines how the user accessed the Website. This information is used by the Website operator to measure how effective their marketing is.