“The alliance of instinct
and numerology”

Signs that an Angel tries to get in touch with you


There are signs of the presence of Angels everywhere around us but we don't always know how to see or to interpret them. Here is an overview of the most common ones so you won't miss any of the next signs.

Angels gravitate with us, on Earth and on the other side. They mean good for us, they protect us and always care and hold promises for us all. Those who suffer are often visited by Angels in their lives. If they can see and listen to them, then their suffering ends. But more often than not, and because of the pain and daily problems they go through, people are blinded by the struggle they wage and can't see the angelic hands reaching out to them. Here is an overview of the signs you definitely need to look out for so you won't miss them.


Feathers are mostly found on birds. But if you happen to find one in a place where it doesn't logically belong, it is probable a sign that your Angel has an important message for you.

Flickering light

Sometimes you can see your lights flicker and it is easier to ascribe it to some electrical problem. Which is also likely, but remember that angelic energy can disrupt electricity. If it tends to happen often, make a note of the day and time it happens and if you start identifying a pattern, it means an Angel is trying to give you important information.

Children and animals that seem captivated by something invisible

We often notice very young children and animals fascinated by something we can't see. What could they be looking at? Dust? A passing fly? No, nothing so mundane. We know that babies and our animal friends can see what is invisible because they are still pure-hearted and not corrupt by bad encounters in life. They might seem captivated by something we can't see and indeed this simply points to the presence of an Angel.

A presence

When you are alone somewhere, you sometimes feel like someone is there in the room with you. You can even feel like a friendly and protective hand resting on your shoulder. These are clear signs there is an Angel around you making its presence felt.

Repeating numbers

You might suddenly start seeing repeating numbers in your life. You find them everywhere you go and in everything you do. Angels also know how to manifest their presence through combinations of numbers that resonate with you and with your destiny of life and fortune.

In any case, even if they manifest their presence to you, Angels will rarely speak directly to you. They will always favour reaching out through psychics such as us, Stella and Jeremy, to convey a message verbally and to interpret the numbers that resonate with you.

If you have ever gone through situations like the ones we have just described and think an Angel has a message for you, don't hesitate to come to us. Passing on Angels' messages is also our mission on Earth.