“The alliance of instinct
and numerology”

Learn more about your soul mate with the Emotional Knot Tarot


Is it really true love you have found? Are they your soul mate? The Emotional Knot Tarot can answer those questions.

If there is one question that keeps us wondering all our lives, it is the one about true love. We are all surrounded by love but it is hard to tell if it is true or fake. Then comes the notion of "trust" which can be hard to pledge because there never is any guarantee. Fortunately, the Emotional Knot Tarot can help you find the truth.

The other half that makes us whole

A soul mate will always complete us. It might be a love or a friend soul mate. The point is this person's presence will make you feel happy. You will realise nothing can make you waver. There are positive energies around you and the uniting of both your souls makes you feel invincible against attacks of negative vibrations. You share a very pure relationship, the complexity of which you can't fathom because you experience the simplicity of effortless Happiness. After a life journey for both you and your soul mate, you are like magnets, joined together and ready to fight everything and face adversity, hand in hand and your eyes locked into one another's. But sometimes this encounter with the one who completes you is impossible because of something unfortunately out of your control.

Emotional knots: an invisible pain

We are unique souls. You, me, everyone on Earth... We form a huge jigsaw puzzle made of billions of pieces and no two pieces are alike! Yet some pieces fit together blissfully: yours and that of your soul mate. We feel pulled in like magnets and that is our destiny. But some of us never find the other... Why? Simply because of disruption to Emotional Knots. You fall victim to them and the knots prevent you from feeling those energies, from experiencing this intimacy every time you meet the right person. You might even have come across them several times but you didn't see they were your soul mate!

What could be the cause for not finding Happiness? Your outlook on life could be obscured by several Knots. You might feel wary and can't trust people. It could also be doubt, which undermines your self-confidence. This could all act like a shield against which positive energies bump into as they try to reach your heart. Do you think you might be affected? Do you also feel like you aren't in control of your feelings? Then you probably are the target of some Emotional Knot and if you are tired of the toxic influence, I would be delighted to reveal it to you and help you remove it.